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Emergency Exit Escape Rooms announce their most advanced escape room.

Posted: Tuesday 10th March 2020 at 09:33
Categories: Ashton- Tameside News

Emergency Exit Escape rooms on George Street in Ashton Under Lyne , have announced the launch of their new room Conjure with video teasing the official opening date, appropriately on Friday the 13th of March.

Those of you familiar with the rooms will know they have a history of providing very immersive theatrical experiences wrapped up in an escape room format. The rooms whilst appearing scary can be adapted to most ages, although we are told it’s usually the youngsters that want the rooms to be as terrifying as possible.

The rooms are set in the world of Aleister Crowley who was a famous occultist, and whilst artistic license has been used, the rooms are based on real life people and places.

The latest room is set in the grounds of Crowley manor and tell the tale of his wife who is believed to be dead, but nothing is what it seems.

The room is the most technologically advanced in the suite of rooms at the moment with stunning special effects and sound design along with innovative puzzles this is set to be the most immersive experience around.

You can book this unique fun and exciting experience on their website at and discover the adventure for yourself

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