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Monday Evenings with Holly Riley
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Karen Attaway

Day Times Programme
Sunday17:00-19:00Sunday Service
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Ian Leonard

The Soul Man returns every day for an hour of the greatest in soul.

Day Times Programme
Tuesday20:00-22:00Northern Soul
Saturday20:00-22:00Ian Leonard
Sunday20:00-22:00One Hit Wonders
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The MyTameside MusicBot serves up the best hits from goldies to freshies for your delight!

Day Times Programme
Monday00:00-07:00Through the Night
Tuesday00:00-07:00Through the Night
Wednesday00:00-07:00Through the Night
Thursday00:00-07:00Through the Night
Friday00:00-07:00Through the Night
Friday20:00-22:00Party Zone
Saturday00:00-07:00Through the Night
Saturday10:00-20:00Saturday Afternoons
Sunday00:00-07:00Through the Night
Sunday10:00-15:00Sunday Afternoons
Sunday22:00-00:00Through the Night
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Dennis Matthews

Dennis plays the best modern and classic tracks.

Day Times Programme
Thursday20:00-22:00Noise Annoys
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Joshua Littlehales

Music throughout your workday on the Lite Lunch with the Bradshaws at 12:20!

Day Times Programme
Monday11:00-14:00Lite Lunch
Tuesday11:00-14:00Lite Lunch
Wednesday11:00-14:00Lite Lunch
Thursday11:00-14:00Lite Lunch
Friday11:00-14:00Lite Lunch
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Rev. Den Floyd Dingler III

How-de-do-do-do? The Right Reverend Den Floyd Dingler the Third is back with some top, top tune-age this Wednesday night. Oh aye!

Day Times Programme
Wednesday20:00-22:00Dingler's 70s Show
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Holly Riley

Day Times Programme
Monday20:00-22:00Monday Evenings
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Annie Handbag

Enter Handbag's House for some retro tunes.

Day Times Programme
Saturday22:00-00:00Handbag's House
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Steve Crumley

Waking you up Monday-Friday from 7am.

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